• AiR Funen

    AiR Fyn (AiR Funen) is a network of artist residencies on the Danish island of Funen. With Hollufgård as the main center and administrator we have created a network which, in addition to Hollufgård, consists of Assen Kunstråd (The Art Council of Assens), Tommerup Keramiske Værksted (The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop), Fyns Grafiske Værksted (The Funen Graphic … Read More

  • Open Call Assens: Artist-in-Residence 2019

    Open Call Assens: Artist-in-Residence 2019

    AiR-Assens – Assens Art Council Artist-in-Residence 2019 Assens Art Council would hereby like to invite professional working artists in the visual field to apply for a month’s free residence within the theme of caring for the planet, ecology and sustainability. Assens Art Council has three sites with residency and atelier facilities at its disposal, see: … Read More

  • Skulpturparken 2019

    Skulpturparken 2019

    Welcome to Skulpturparken i 2019. We have lots of news for lovers of art, nature, culture and leisure experiences. You can experience more than 50 works of art, and this year we have developed new map and signage that offers lots of information about the park, the manor house and the exhibits. Thanks to a … Read More

  • Liv Serup: Two Six-Legged Hippos Collide

    Liv Serup: Two Six-Legged Hippos Collide

    In Liv Serup’s artistic universe the clash of two of nature’s giants is transformed into a weightless play, the large double-body of polystyrene and textile tumbling in the airspace abover the stream of Lindved Å.

  • The Return of the Gods

    The Return of the Gods

    The gods are returning Skulpturparken. Niels-Erik H. v. Øhlenschlæger’s group of the giant oak sculptures, “Ancient Gods Arise from New Lakes”, has found it’s place at the new lake facing the highway exit for the forthcoming OUH Hospital, where it promotes ancient myths. Like their ancestors at the Bronze Age marshes, the three gods watch  over … Read More

  • Jens Chr. Jensen: Mushroom

    Jens Chr. Jensen: Mushroom

    In our present time, the beauty of nature is seen in fragments, interwoven with cityscape and industrialization. Accordingly, Jens Chr folds. Jensen’s work Mushroom is a natural motif, but the organic form  is made up of industrially carved wooden sticks. The work, which was part of the Landart exhibition “Over the Sea – under the … Read More