Artist-In-Residence Jan / Feb: Malte Klagenberg (DK)

Artist-In-Residence Jan / Feb: Malte Klagenberg (DK)

Last week we welcomed Malte Klagenberg from Copenhagen, who is staying in the Guest Atelier Hollufgård in January and February.

Malte Klagenberg will use his stay to realize the project “Strange Attractions,” consisting of 4 large aluminum plates, which is to be covered with engraved motifs on the themes of human desires and attractions. Hollufgård provides Malte the space required for this project and, most important, the quiet needed for a focused working proces.

Malte Klagenberg graduated from the Academy of Art in Aarhus. His artistic expression is moving in a wide spectrum that incorporates sculpture, painting, graphic art and land art. The works include a series of linocuts with motifs from the South Harbour of Copenhagen, an old and somewhat neglected environment that is currently disappearing due to city development. And in the series “Las Palmas”, which consists of etchings and mixed media sculpture based on an exotic holiday universe, he thematises longings, forgotten dreams, youth and aging.

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