Under the title “Appearances” a group of Danish and foreign artists met in two symposia in the summer of 2015 and the spring of  2016 to create new works for the Glisholmskoven, the small forest next to Gæsteatelier Hollufgård.

Around Hollufgård old forest landscape, parkland, meadows, fields and urbanity exist side by side within a few square kilometers. This  diversity opens a variety of natural spaces and thus new artistic opportunities everywhere. The artists were given the key words  “appearances” and “materiality” as a starting point and were free to choose direction and work both in open concepts and classical closed works. Materials such as fiber concrete, polystylen and mirror film are played out against the natural textures;  light and sound are introduced.

In course of the winter and spring the projects emerged  in the workshops. In May the participants meet once again in a Spring Symposium to complete the works and install them in the area.

Artpark 16 will open on June 11th., 2016.

On our website you can get an introduction to the artists and follow the development of the park.

Map of Glisholmskoven is found here.