Artist-in-Residency in August: Niklas Link (D)

Artist-in-Residency in August: Niklas Link (D)

The German artist Niklas Link is working in our workshops this month. Niklas works with jewelry – not in the traditional sense, but as an artistic medium. Using steel, precious steel, sheet and plastic, he explores the human face and creates small icons in a constant search for new expressions.
Niklas Link is educated as a jewelry designer in Pforzheim and Rome and holds a bachelor in visual arts. He lives and works in Saarbrücken.

“As a jewelry artist, I am fascinated by the human body – more specifically the face. The human face communicates grimaces, mimics and gestures, as well as emotions and moods are communicated without words, and this ability fascinates and excites me, and it motivates me at the same time to discover new possibilities in the expression. ”

Niklas Link visits us as part of our exchange program with Künstlerhaus Lukas in North Germany.


Read more about the artist here.