“Two Halves of a Whole” by Kip Jones (Toronto)

“Two Halves of a Whole” by Kip Jones (Toronto)

Canadian artist Kip Jones has just finished the work he has created during his residency at Gæsteatelier Hollufgård. He has generously lent it to the ArtPark for the rest of the year, and we are happy and proud to present it in the old orchard, where it now reflects light and shadow between the fruit trees.

“Two Halves of a Whole” consists of a fence of black-smoked split natural sticks set in a circle of 3m in diameter. In the fence are inserted two branches sand cast in bronze and aluminum.

Kip Jones says about the project: “The work Two Halves of a Whole speaks to the influence of fire as a constant tenet of our global society. This piece references the past while questioning the future in regards to where the harmonious balance lies between nature and technology. The three distinct parts of Two Halves of a Whole the charred split branches, the cast bronze split branch and the cast aluminum split branch interact with each other through their connection to fire. The metal parts are the two halves of the same branch and for me speak of a connective unity of our world.”

Kip Jones deals with complex space in site-specific installations and public decorations as well as drawings, collages and objects. He is a graduate at Concordia University in Montreal and has many years of experience in molding. He has a large number of Canadian and international exhibits behind him. Kip Jones lives and works in Toronto.