Videoer fra Gæsteatelier Hollufgårds aktiviteter

Artist Talk
Elisabeth Wilhelm

Video: Steen Selvejer

American artist Elisabeth Wilhelm talks about her stay in Gæsteatelier Hollufgård in the summer of 2016. Elisabeth Wilhelm’s work is inspired by the fairytale tradition and she has a great interest in the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

The Making of ArtPark16

Video: Steen Selvejer

Documentary on the making of ArtPark16 – a summer exhibition in the Glisholm Forest at Gæsteatelier Hollufgård.

ArtPark16 – Yngve Riber

Video: Steen Selvejer

Danish artist Yngve Riber on his contribution to ArtPark16.

Opening of ArtPark16

Video: Steen Selvejer

Author Jens Blendstrup opens ArtPark16 in his unsurpassed witty manner.

ArtPartk16 – Ole Lejbach

Video: Steen Selvejer

Danish artist Ole Lejbach on his contribution to ArtPark16, Pooh Stick – an installation for the young and the old inspired by the magic world of Winnie the Pooh.