5 Artists Create Gesamtkunstwerk For SkulpturOdense’21

5 Artists Create Gesamtkunstwerk For SkulpturOdense’21

With the support of the Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Legat, in October we launched a new interdisciplinary residency program with three visual artists, an author and a composer. The five artists have been selected for a one-year residency programs, where they will have free hands to create a total work of art, which will be presented at the opening of SkulpturOdense’21 in Skulpturparken at Pentecost 2021.

The five artists selected are:

Birgitte Christens (DK), sculptor and installation artist
Miroslaw Baca (PL), sculptor
Lisa Kottkamp (D), sculptor and installation artist
Morten Søndergaard (DK/IT), poet and visual artist
Marcela Lucatelli (BR/DK), composer and performance artist

Based on the Carl Nielsen couple’s works in the times of change just before and after the First World War, the five artists will focus on our own insatiable time and its many violent upheavals and threats, from populism over digitalisation to the climate crisis. Read more about the topic here.

And then the Corona pandemic suddenly hit and shut most of the world down. Therefore, we have chosen to run the program virtually, so that the participants work together on video conference. It presents completely new challenges, and the artists must find new ways to collaborate and communicate.

We look forward to presenting the results of the work of the five artists when we open SkulpturOdense’21 at Pentecost 2021.

Sliderfoto: Carl Nielsen Museet