AiR Funen

AiR Fyn (AiR Funen) is a network of artist residencies on the Danish island of Funen. With Hollufgård as the main center and administrator we have created a network which, in addition to Hollufgård, consists of Assen Kunstråd (The Art Council of Assens), Tommerup Keramiske Værksted (The Tommerup Ceramic Workshop), Fyns Grafiske Værksted (The Funen Graphic Workshop), and the writer’s residency Gammel Have.

Residents in the AiR Fyn programmes are offered a workshop space and accommodation at one or more of the addresses. From there, the resident has access to all workshop facilities of the entire network, and we are also able to accommodate other specific requests. We have bronze foundry, metal workshop, ceramics workshop, model workshop, wood, graphic workshop, painter’s studios and a good writing environment for authors.