Ancient Gods Arise from New Lakes

Ancient Gods Arise from New Lakes

This summer there is a lot of activity in the sculptors’ works space in Gæsteatelier Hollufgård. Sculptor Niels-Erik H.v. Øhlenschlæger is working on a large sculpture project, which will be completed in late summer and installed in ArtParken.

Niels-Erik H. v. Øhlenschlæger has gained inspiration from Denmark’s ancient history for an anthropomorphic sculpture series. “Ancient Gods arise from New Lakes” consists of 6 monumental sculptures cut in oak. The sculptures measuring between 2.5 and 4 meters will stand in a row stretching from newly constructed artificial lake facing the highway and towards the meadow at Glisholmskoven, where it culminates in a 4 meter high sculpture rising from the dark waters of the small marsh .

Each sculpture will be facing east, the morning sun radiating through the eyes, the eye sockets turning red and dark towards sunset. The light will have a constant effect on the expression and movement of the sculptures as the day travels from light to darkness.

Light and dark, myths and present
Among the marsh finds of the Danish ancient history are mysterious figures that are believed to have protected the wanderer, making sure he got safely through the mysterious places of sea and marsh, that may have been seen to be  gates between the human and the underground world.

Now the old gods arise again from the newly established lake area to guard today’s migrant. In stark contrast to the raging traffic on the highway and today’s revolving pace, they fascinate in the changing light and give the viewer references to bright and dark sides in time and in themselves.

Discover the work from September 2nd.