Artist talk with Baldur Burwitz

Artist talk with Baldur Burwitz

Tuesday, September 24, 5 p.m., in the Project Workshop

Hollufgård Artist Residence
project workshop
Hollufgårds Allé 26
52320 Odense SØ

It is a great pleasure for AiRFyn to present this  artist talk at Hollufgård with German artist Baldur Burwitz, who is on a month’s residency in Assens together with the Dutch artist Cora Jongsma. Both artists have been invited by Assens Arts Council to work on the theme “Caring for the globe, ecology and sustainability”.

Baldur Burwitz, born 1971 and resident of Hamburg, can best be described as a multi-artist. He does not feel bound by any particular media, but uses everything from painting, graphics and sculpture to assemblage, installation and happening, which he uses to stage and elucidate phenomena such as social divides, racism, ecology, imperialism or gender roles.

Installation and happening have a prominent place in his work, and he doesn’t shy back from engaging the audience in ways that have consequences: In an exhibition in Ahrensburg in 2015, he staged cultural life, in which some members of the elite believe to have a special precedence. The exhibition area was divided in two by a barrier. In one part, sausages were served, the other part was a VIP area serving hors d’oeuvres and champagne and offering much more exciting activities. There was only access to the VIP area with limited tickets, which were awarded without regard to social and cultural statutes, creating a stir among members of the local cultural elite who were rejected at the door.

Humor is a vital part of his work, e.g. as he lets two sea lions intervene in the opening speeches of Art-Karlsruhe, or builds an oversized robot hen that roams aimlessly around a showroom while grilling croquettes that are laid at regular intervals.

Everyone is welcome in the Project Workshop at Hollufgård on Tuesday, September 24 at 5 p.m.


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