We have five small ateliers in Building No. 2. The ateliers are rented by the month for up to two years. The spaces are not installed with any facilities other than lighting fixtures.

Size & Accessibility
The five spaces are between 15 and 25 m2 (161 and 270 sq.ft) and quite different in terms of lighting and access. Please contact us to learn more about the these spaces.


The group studio is divided into four workspaces, with light partitions which can be moved or removed according to individual requirements or wishes. The atelier has skylights facing north. The work areas do not have any equipment installed besides lighting fixtures and a common sink niche

Size & Accessibility
The studio is located on the upper floor of Building No. 1, with access from the ground floor, at one end, and via an outside stair from the yard area at the other end. This outside stair entrance has a double door measuring 180cm wide by 200cm in height