The bronze cellar is furnished to casting bronze by the cire perdue method.
It is possible to refurnish if other materials or procedures are needed

Size & Accessibility
The workshop is located underneath the Modeling Studio at grade level, and is approximately 60 m2. There is access through gate (240 x 210). Outside of the workshop, a covered workspace is available with furnace for bronze.



Calcine Oven

  • Maximum temperature 700 degrees
  • H 118 W 83 D 118
  • With removable bottom allowing the oven to be packed tightly

Work table

  • Permanently mounted along one wall
  • Approximate. length 10 meters
  • With sop sink

Electric Stovetop

  • For wax heating and obtaining any desired wax mixture


  • Protective clothing for casting is available (but not shoes)
  • 90 kg capacity

Assistance With Ordering of Materials

  • The Sculptor’s Shop has most materials for sale, primarily for use in conjunction with bronze casting. We can, of course, assist with ordering materials and tools as necessary