From Melbourne’s Heat To The Cold North

From Melbourne’s Heat To The Cold North

Beatrice Magalotti is artist-in-residency in August and September.

It’s a long way from Australia’s hot climate to the raw Danish landscape, both mentally and culturally. Maybe that’s why Australian artist Beatrice Magalotti has chosen the boat as a motif for her 2-month stay at Hollufgård. For her, the boat is a migration motif – not so much in a political sense, but rather as a manifestation of the mental journey one makes in the encounter with foreign cultures and landscapes. Prior to Hollufgård Beatrice Magalotti conducted a residency stay in Iceland. Working in a foreign country is for Beatrice a way to break out of the comfort zone and challenge herself in a place where everything is strange and unknown – the climate, the culture and the people. Not least, it has been a work process where nothing was planned in advance and where the ideas arose while working in the workshop.

The boats are shaped in wax, using various natural and handmade materials – from birch twigs gathered in the Glisholm forest to small embroideries, handmade birds and sewn canvas pieces. The result is a fascinating little fleet of an almost Venetian character, each boat carrying its own imprint of natural and cultural fragments in ever-changing patterns.

When she returns to Melbourne she will cast the wax figures in bronze. Beatrice is working towards an exhibition which consists of the works that occurred during her two residency stays in Iceland and at Hollufgård in Denmark.