The stone & wood yard is equipped with a large open space as well as four roofed work spaces. The adjacent 30 m2 house is heated and has access through a 3 x 2 m gate.

There is access to compressed air and water.

There are no restrictions on working hours and noise in terms of neighbours.




There are two compressor installed, each 7,5 kw, they complement each other automatically.
Air capacity: app. 2000 l/min.

Crane lorry, funded by N.M. Knudsens Fond and Albani Fonden.

All personal protective gear and spare parts for tools are supplied by the resident.

Tools using compressed air 

  • Core drill machine
  • Drill/chisel hammer/rock drill
  • Grinder

Electrical tools

  • Rock hammer drill
  • Angle grinder
  • Rotating grinding stone

Crane and lifting 

  • Loops and levers
  • Our crane lorry, Knud Albert II, can be used. It lifts 8 Tm and 12,5 is the user has a certificate.