Impressions From SkulpturOdense’21

Impressions From SkulpturOdense’21

On Thursday 1 July, one of Odense’s largest cultural events opened in the Sculpture Park at Hollufgård: The exhibition showed 34 works by 49 Danish and international artists in the manor park’s beautiful summer landscape. One of the highlights of the day was the construction of the large gesamtkunstwerk “Love-All”, created by the five participants in Hollufgård’s residency program 2020-21, “Times of Change”.

Times of Change – Two Era’s Bearings in the Unknown

An age marked by upheavals, wars, terror, climate crisis and identity struggle, unfolding with 100 years of upheavals and world wars as a backdrop.

The exhibition thematized the extermination of insects, water shortages, war deaths, the archaeological remains of modern man, the Anthropocene … The approaches to the subject “Wrestling time” were innumerable. We gave the artists maximum freedom to explore the subject and they did not disappoint. Professional contemporary artists and academy students each delivered strong and thought-provoking works of art.


The Gesamtkunstwerk

“Love all” played out in the tennis universe, and it revolved around freedom as a dilemma during a global pandemic, and insisting on creating art under closure and restrictions. The artists collaborated virtually all winter. In the last six weeks leading up to the opening, they worked at high pressure in the workshops to create the elements of the work and assemble the parts into a whole.

Composer and performance artist Marcela Lucatelli (DK / BRA) did the performance part together with a string quartet consisting of four musicians from the Funen Music Conservatory. The poet Morten Søndergård (DK) recited the work’s text, and the whole performance was staged with sculptural elements created by the three sculptors Birgitte Christens (DK), Lisa Kottkamp (D) and Miroslaw Bach (PL).