Kohei Takekoshi Visits ArtParken

Kohei Takekoshi Visits ArtParken

“I am in the sea of the underground
I will dive into the sea and explore
The roots look like waves. It is a disappearing momentary figure now.

Dig into half of the withered tree
The dug up soil is piled up around, creating a space
There is a space where there are only myself and trees.

Material: Withered, harvested tree
Size: Semicircle of app. 10 m


This thursday Kohei Takekoshi finished the project he has been working on this autumn, and our office improvised a glas of wine in the forest to mark the new work.

The Glisholm Forest is full of secrets, not only around and above. Right below your feet the forest hides a world never seen. This is the starting point for the work of young Japanese artist Kohei Takekoshi. In his works, he frees the roots of tree trunks, peeling them out of the surrounding soil to reappear as large organic sculptures.
It is a great pleasure to welcome Kohei i ArtParken og the residency. He has now chosen a spot in the woods and found a tree stump to work with, and in the course of the coming months a world of filigree organic shapes will slowly come to light.

“Does a tree stump stop living when it ceases to draw breath? Its roots intricately stretch out without end. We cannot know everything about a tree from the tip of its roots all the way to the tip of its branches. But by looking at those deeply burrowing roots, we can feel the tree breathing.”

Kohei Takekoshi, recently graduated from the University of Kyoto, has exhibited several places in Japan and Korea and last year he received the Grand Prize of the UBE Biennale in Yamaguchi.

Read more about Kohei Takekoshi here.

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