Open Call:

Open Call:

Times of Change – A Generation Gap.

Application deadline: Nov 21 at 11:59 pm.

Introductory weekend: Jan 21-23.
Residency: March 15 – May 15.

Hollufgård Artist Residence – Skulpturpark offers an Open Call for the second of a total of three residency programs under the title “Times of Change”, where we focus on art in our time of great upheavals. “Times of Change 1 – Two Epochs’ Bearings in the Unknown” cast a universal glance at our era, Times of Change 2 and 3 will look at selected, central aspects of our time.

The current program, “Breaking Time – A Generation Gap” will run in the winter and spring of 2022.


A Generation Gap

The world of today is a world that is about to resound as the contours of a new and unclear future emerge. The transition is characterized by shock waves, and time and again tremors strike in different parts of society. Our times are marked by political instability, threats to democracy both from within and without, ecological and social collapses and a digital revolution that is taking place at a breathtaking pace.

Our times have been compared by many to the youth uprising of the 60s and 70s. Centres of power are overthrown and the balance is shifted. We are experiencing a breakthrough around the climate issue, where an entire generation of young people has taken to the streets and for the first time has had enough impact to influence parliamentary elections, as was most recently seen in Denmark and Germany. Also in the issues of gender, identity and racism, new agendas are set, addressing discrimination and systemic abuse with an unprecedented consequence. The controlling patriarchal order is under rapid liquidation.

The impact of these new agendas is largely due to social media, that within just a decade have become a global power. Social media are largely seen as tools of the younger generation, but they are owned by Tech Giants, who are increasingly accumulating intelligence and power, without taking public responsibility. This causes both ethical and moral dilemmas. On the one hand, new opportunities open up for the fight for freedom in a world community. On the other hand, these fights for freedom are taking place on the very global platform that is challenging the rule of law and democracy.

At the same time, larger and larger gaps are opening up between individualism and community. Often, age is seen as a criterion for the legitimacy of politicians in power, or gender and ethnicity as criteria for participating equally in public debates. Can our democracies accommodate this breakthrough? Can our freedom ideals? How do we integrate the upheavals into the complex consensus of democracy?

The political landscape is changing, and art and culture are as relevant as ever. Contemporary art breaks norms and cannot be classified within a fixed framework. Literature, dance and music are intertwined with visual art creating new forms of expression and formats. Art offers more possibilities for expression than ever before. But how can art position itself in all these upheavals? What critical roles should it play?



Hollufgård invites 4 contemporary artists to work together or individually on the theme “A generation gap”. The participants are selected by Hollufgård’s Advisory Board, which consists of:

LARS BENT PETERSEN, visual artist, rector at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
JO HERMANN, author, external associate professor at SDU
EAMON O’KANE, visual artist, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen
CHRISTINA BJØRKØE, pianist, associate professor at the SDMK/Danish National Academy of Music
JØRGEN SVENSTRUP, visual artist, leader of AiRAssens
NIELS-ERIK H.v. ØHLENSCHLÆGER, visual artist, chairman of the board of Hollufgård Artist Residence – Skulpturpark
HELEN NISHIJO ANDERSEN, project manager at Hollufgård Artist Residence – Skulpturpark

We place emphasis on selecting visual artists who work interdisciplinary and use, for example, sound, language, music or theater in their work. Furthermore, we want artists who are able to formulate complex issues in works that are also capable of involving a wider audience.

Participants are free to work individually or join together in one or more groups. It is also the participants’ own choice whether the outcome of the program should be work/-s or a documentation in the form of sketches and texts.

The program ends with a joint artist talk and a visual presentation of the project.

Hollufgård wants to create space for open conversation and debate, where people think freely, critically, across and behind the current societal debate.



Jan 21-23:
Extended weekend at Hollufgård, where the participants get to know each other, are introduced to the theme and take the first steps in the work process. Hollufgård provides a presentation of the subject for inspiration.

Intermediate period:
The artists develop their projects, either individually or together. During the period there will be 2 joint zoom meetings where we pick up.

March 15 – May 15:
The artists gather again at Hollufgård for a two-month residency stay, where they present ideas to each other and complete the project / projects. It is possible to take into account that the artists may have other obligations during this period.

The artists make a presentation / exhibition of the work process in connection with Hollufgård’s Open House at Great Prayer Day, Friday 13 May.

The course is subsequently documented in a publication that thematizes and discusses the program.



The residents in the program have a single room per. person with shared kitchen and bathroom and a large project workshop for sharing. During the stays, there is free access to use Hollufgård’s workshop facilities, which include graphics, painting, stone, wood and metal.

The program includes:

  • Free stay in a single room during the two periods of stay
  • Common workplace in a large project workshop of 150 m2 with skylights and access to special workshops.
  • Fees of DKK 20,000 in total per. artist, to cover travel, catering and material costs



1. Application containing a description of the artistic project, resp. the ideas and aspects you want to develop during your stay within the specified topic: “Times of Change 2 – A Generation Gap”. It may contain thoughts about theme, working method, format / aesthetic choices (max 1 page).
2. Curriculum (max 1 page).
3. Photo documentation of previous work / projects (max 5 pages), links to website.

The application is sent by email in a combined PDF file, marked “Times of Change” in the subject.


Application deadline: Nov 21 – 2021 at 11:59 pm


Application and possible questions are sent to:

Jens Ramsing, information employee,


Helen Nishijo Andersen, project manager 


Hollufgård values ​​diversity very highly. Therefore, we encourage everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, identity, and sexuality to apply.

The program is funded by Den Opelske Familiefond