The workshop is equipped work with presses and screen printing.

It is possible to reserve the workshop for major projects.

Size & Accessibility
The workshop is 50 m2, and located next to the project studio; connected by a sliding door (200 x 180 cm)

The workshops can be booked by one or more at a time
By opening the slide doors, the workshops are suitable for teaching groups
Common water supply in screen printing dpt.


All materials are supplied by the residents. We are happy to assist by purchase.


  • Roller 80 cm.
  • Table 150 cm.

For screen printing

Vacuum pressure table for pressure frames up to 65 x 85 cm.
Lighting frame with vacuum and timer, 90 x 80 cm.
Smaller printing table with carousel for four colors
Drying rack for finished work, 50 trays of 74 x 105 cm
Large sink, with light and shower / flush

Light table

  • 120 x 140 cm.