Richard Jochum (AU/USA)

Richard Jochum (AU/USA)

Austrian-American artist Richard Jochum is creating two projects for the ArtPark this summer.

In one piece he plays with myths, fairy tales and the unknown content of boxes. Three old chests are put on dead trees that are cut on top to serve as high-rise pedestals. The work themes the manor house, the forest and the many stories and stories of the place.

Both Humor and a profound, yet immediate approach to the work are characteristic of Richard Jochum, as is also seen in his second project to ArtParken, where he creates sparkling pieces of large candy by stones in fire foil. Both the chests and the wrapped sweets reflect the idea that art is a gift people give and receive.

Richard Jochum is a conceptual artist that operates with a wide range of media focusing on video, interactive installation and media. He denotes himself as post-minimalist and post-conceptual.

“I believe in the power of art rather than in decoration. I think art continually has to create new images for the time we live in. For the conditions and issues we deal with: existentially, politically, physically, and globally. Searching such images is what I am aiming for.
My artistic work is often based on participation or embedded in local communities. I believe in an intriguing encounter between art producers and the public. Audiences can make us learn better and see things we would not have known yet. I understand both intelligence and creativity to be profoundly social.”

Richard Jochum is a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and today a member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and professor at the Art Academy at Columbia University in New York. He has far more than 100 international exhibitions behind him and has received more awards for his works.

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