The workspace is divided into two areas under one roof. Both spaces are equipped with a number of movable work tables, and can be adjusted to the individual artist’s requirements.
Metalsmith area – equipped with ventilation for welding, grinding and other metal work
Mixed materials area– equipped with ventilation for welding, grinding and other metal work. An area for working with wood, fiberglass cement, gypsum, plaster, and other spatially demanding media

Size & Accessibility
The entire workshop is approximately 170 m2 (1,830 sq.ft.) with a free ceiling height of four meters (appr. 13 ft.). There are two large ports, each measuring 3x3meters (9x9meters), with open access for vehicles




  • Pillar drill
  • Sheet bending machine
  • Plate bending machine
  • Press (60 tons)
  • Forge

Welding – Cutting – Soldering 

  • Welding table with ventilation
    TIG (GMAW) welding equipment
  • CO2 welding equipment
  • Electrode welding equipment
  • Gas/oxygen welding equipment

Grinding and Polishing

  • Belt sander
  • Rotating grinding/honing stone
    Polishing machine
  • Angle grinder
  • Electric and compressed air polishers
  • Sandblasting cabinate


  • Lathe
  • Circular saw
  • Pillar drill
  • Chain saw
  • Random orbit sander
  • Saber saw